Nine in 10 people expect companies to support social or environmental issues, and 88 percent are eager to hear from companies about those efforts.*

Respond to customers

I can see social and environmental responsibility in every part of what we do, and a lot of our customers probably care even more than we do. We think in the future that we may be called upon to demonstrate some level of performance in terms of sustainability, as a contractor with the federal government, or for states, or for other companies that we deal with. We think it’s important to get ahead of the curve, surely for our own peace of mind, but also because we think it’s going to be important for our business to be in that place.

Lloyd Smith, Cortech Solutions, Wilmington, NC | USA

Strengthen our company

At Sugar Hollow Solar, we care deeply about moving our society towards a more sustainable future – not just in the environmental sense but in how it relates to overall quality of life, now. We want to build a company that people are excited about. For us, this means developing in-depth relationships with everyone we interact with and staying in a learning frame of mind so that we can continue to grow and improve our processes. We want our employees to feel good about the work they do every day and to know that they are contributing to a company that will be a positive force for change.

Phelps Clarke, Sugar Hollow Solar, Fairview, NC | USA

Engage our supply chain

The mission of Ripl is to cause a ripple effect in the supply chain so that, collectively, society purchases a sustainable future. Green Sage Café recently requested that its largest supplier of groceries – US Foods – enroll in the program. We are a tiny customer in the scheme of things, but working hard to inspire US Foods, a giant food service industry supplier, to be a more sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible company. We also asked our coffee supplier – Thrive Farmers – to join us. Our local supplier of beef and pork, Hickory Nut Gap Farm, has also committed to enroll in Ripl. Read the full article.

— Randy Talley, Green Sage Cafe, Asheville, NC | USA