Justin Sacks, Founder/CEO

Justin Sacks developed Ripl after a 15-year career in supply chain impact measurement. In 2002, Justin was recruited by the London-based think tank, New Economics Foundation (nef), to develop a tool to measure local economic impact that small businesses and governments alike could use. That tool, called LM3, became the most widespread impact measurement tool in the UK, and Justin found his calling. More recently, Justin created the Welsh Community Benefits Tool, the first tool in the world used to track the economic, social, and environmental impacts of public contracts nationally. These experiences highlighted the consistent opportunities and barriers to making responsible business mainstream. Ripl embodies these lessons. Justin has published three books, won recognition from the UN, and holds degrees from Yale University and the London School of Economics.

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The Road to Ripl: Previous Tools

United Nations Procurement

This case exemplifies how using the appropriate measurement tool for public procurement decisions may help to tackle all three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and social aspects. The purpose of this paper is to highlight an example of sustainable public procurement innovation in Wales, UK, which might interest researchers and practitioners worldwide.

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Welsh Community Benefits Tool

The Welsh Community Benefits Tool obtained international recognition as the first national approach to measuring economic, social, and environmental impact across public contracts. Justin Sacks, the creator of the tool for the Welsh Government, explains how the tool works and the hard choices made to create a tool that was both robust and useful.

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Public Spending for Public Benefit

Public spending for public benefit is a report, a lobbying tool, a new source of evidence, and a recommendation for future action based on what some people are doing already. We will cut to the heart of the matter: money. And show you why you can’t afford not to care about how the public sector delivers goods and services.

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The Money Trail

LM3 has been tried and tested across the UK, from agriculture to social enterprise to local government procurement, to determine how money coming into your community is then spent and re-spent. The Money Trail shows you how to use LM3 to find out what's really happening in your local economy, and how you can make it better.

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