Tracking becomes seamless

API stands for Application Program Interface. Ever been to a website that asked you to log in through Facebook or Google? That’s an API in action. APIs have become the building block of technology because they allow applications, like Facebook and the website you visited, to communicate with each other.

The same thing is happening with business software, like QuickBooks. The demo below shows you how Ripl connects with QuickBooks using an API. Let’s take spending on small business as an example. To track how much your company spends on small business, you currently upload a spending report to Ripl. Coming next, you’ll log in once with your QuickBooks ID and be done. Ripl will track where you spend your money, seamlessly in the background.

How Ripl connects to your software

This one-minute demo video shows you a business using QuickBooks Online connects to Ripl. It’s the same process for any business software you use. You just need to log in once, then Ripl will track your impact automatically, in the background.

Future Ripls

Ripl starts your company with three ripls — specific positive changes that you can make right now. We selected these three ripls after testing out a portfolio of ripls with small businesses. These three ripls are universal — any company in any location and size can make them.

We know there are other ripls you’d like to make. Ripl provides some great content about other issues in the blog. If you’re making some great changes, contribute so we can share your story!

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